CWI Jobs – Jobs Description And Requirements

CWI welding inspector jobs involve the testing and inspection of ongoing and finished  welding works. This is to ensure that the work is done according to acceptable  specifications for quality and safety. Things usually checked include strength and size,  visible and hidden cracks and other faults. The inspector is directly involved at every  stage of the job to help the welders avoid errors that could have negative repercussions  in the finished work. These tests are done using equipment design to easily detect faults. These are  highly sensitive ultrasonic and stress analysis devices. X-rays are also done to check  for faults that are not visible to the human eye. The inspectors watch to see that the  welders use the proper methods and equipment in carrying out their work. The tests are  used to determine if a job should be approved or not. Jobs that do not meet up are  discarded. A good eye for spoting errors cwi jobs and making sound judgment is very necessary to  hold on to this position. There are a lot of opportunities for getting CWI jobs. Wherever  welders work, there is a corresponding need for someone to make sure the job is done  well. This is very much so in the construction industry. Despite the increase in the use  of robots, welding inspectors still have a lot of work to do. In the USA, statistic shows  that welders are amongst the professionals that secure employment easily. Getting CWI inspection jobs require a certification. The two certifications are the Certified  Associate Welding Inspector and Certified Welding Inspector.  CWI training and preparation for  these examinations can be done at various institutions. The basic requirement for CWI is  a high school diploma and five years welding experience. People with less education must  have more years of experience before being allowed to take the CWI test.  However there are waivers for people with welding certificates and college  degrees. CAWI jobs has fewer requirements. The Certified Associate Welding is done once and  cannot be renewed. An inspector must obtain the CWI Welding Inspector to continue  to work in that capacity. These are the necessary requirements for welding inspection  jobs.

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