Escape The Rough Economy With Alaska Welding Jobs

The United States current economy has been repressed for several years and is showing very little sign of improving in the very near future. When economies deal with difficult times, the job market is usually one of the largest areas affected. According to the United States Census Bureau the unemployment rate for June 2011 was a staggering 9.2 % and is not forecasted to improve anytime in the near future. Some states are beginning to have issues with paying out unemployment benefits, leaving people in more of a financial dire straight.
With the employment situation tight within the continental the United why not branch out and look at other options. Alaska has a mere 7.4% unemployment. That is down 2% over the national average. Alaska has much to offer including amazing scenery and a dramatically lower crime rate. With a tight sense of community, Alaska is an ideal place to raise families. If there is no desire to relocate with such a large move, seasonal jobs also run abundant.
One of the most famous features in Alaska is the oil pipeline. The pipeline more than 800 miles long and spans three separate mountain ranges. It crosses over 30 rivers and streams before reaching its port in Valdez Alaska. Suchalaskan welding jobs a large construction requires continual maintenance for it to run correctly and have little to no spills. There are a variety of employers and pipeline welding jobs in Alaska that offer competitive pay. Positions for a person of any age or experience, including people who are just beginning in the field are available. Some current positions that employers are looking to hire are apprentice, assistant, structural welder, and apprentice pipe fitter/welder.
If a welding job sounds intriguing but there is no desire to work directly on the pipeline, jobs and employers are not limited to strictly working on the pipeline itself. Other areas that need welding jobs in Alaska are drilling rigs, camp maintenance and construction, vehicle maintenance, and specialty services. With such a variety, a welder can find employment in a field that they enjoy.
Prudhoe Bay hosts a base field camp, which supplies all the support for people working in the field and the transition into the port for transportation. Prudhoe Bay is extremely remote and has very little interaction daily with travelers. As few as 200 cars a day will pass through the small town. Because of this exclusion, the people rely heavily on each other as a community. Jobs can be found working camp support or on the vehicles in the town and with the company. Pipe welding jobs in Alaska can be remote but create close friendships and a huge sense of accomplishment.
Pipe welding jobs in Alaska offer the relief from the stress of the current economy. The pay is extremely competitive, and with so many positions located in remote areas, there is fewer chances to spend the money, allowing people to increase their savings accounts. The beauty of Alaska is breathtaking and gives a person time to de-stress over the hardships that they had left back in previous living situation. Alaska welding jobs are an amazing opportunity to start off a good life.
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