Offshore Drilling Job Opportunities

Offshore drilling is a field that has opened up tremendously. The compulsion to expand research and production in the industry requires that jobs be filled to do this. The jobs in this industry are some of the highest paying opportunities. Not only is the pay a major incentive, the excitement of discovery in drilling for oil and other natural resources is also appealing. Global demand is another reason jobs are fast increasing
Oil is a major resource for many countries and inexpensive oil is running low. There are areas around the globe where oil may be hard to get, but still available for drilling. These include the North Sea, the Southern Atlantic, and even the Arctic Circle. Job possibilities are projected to be between 80,000 and 100,000 this year.
Offshore drilling jobs include multiple positions. Welders, welding inspector jobs, underwater welders, crane operators, electricians, mechanics, motormen, floorhands, drillers, night pushers, offshore installation managers, rig maintenance supervisors, derrickhands, roustabouts and assistant drillers are all positions that can be filled.
Spartan Offshore Drilling is one company based in Louisiana that has opportunities available. Applications can be submitted by phone, fax, email or mail for consideration. The Gulf of Mexico positions have a 14/14 rotational schedule.
offshore drilling jobsAustralia has quite a few opportunities for offshore drilling. Progressive Recruitment in Perth, Australia has positions of drilling HSE advisor and day drilling supervisor that begins in late 2011. Transocean, also located in Australia is looking for a deepwater driller, a chief mechanic and a chief electronic technician. Synergy Ltd. is looking for night driller supervisors. Synergy is located in Australia, Australia. Ocean Rig has multiple international positions available. Specializing in experienced offshore drilling in deep waters and harsh weather conditions, this company is looking for experienced personnel. Their opportunities include crane operator, deck foreman, and assistant rig manager.
Rigzone has positions available in Saudi Arabia; Houston, TX; Trinidad and Tobago; Calgary AB; North Dakota; North Slope; Canada; and, South West London to name a few. These jobs are in exploration and production and the job descriptions vary from engineers and technicians in the various areas. The official website for Rigzone includes several hundred domestic and global positions.
Texas is certainly a state for offshore drilling and cannot be ruled out for job opportunities. Gas drilling is opening up in this state. There has been a major find in South Texas that promises to kickoff new drilling programs based on the Eagle Ford shale find. Several companies in Texas are looking to fill positions. These include Key Energy, Precision Drilling, Helmerich and Payne Drilling, and UTI Drilling, just to name a few.
Many opportunities for entry level offshore drilling jobs are also available. However, finding them may be a challenge. A key factor to finding entry-level positions is to look in the towns that have oilrigs. Online research for the specific subject will give additional information on specific companies and how to proceed. Placement companies are used to assist candidates in finding the available opportunities in this specific category.
Entry-level positions  include radio operator, painter, materials man or woman, roustabout, scaffolders and welders. These jobs require skill and qualifications that are title specific that can be utilized on the rig. But, they do not require drilling experience. It is important to note that working on a rig is required and this is a major point when considering employment. Scaffolders are used as needed and can locate anywhere the work is available.
The key to entry-level positions is getting your foot in the door and acquiring experience. Jobs can also include work that services rigs. This can lead to other employment opportunities on a rig. Some hotspots for entry-level positions are along the Gulf in the states of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. The work may not be pretty, but provide great pay for starting salaries and as previously mentioned, gets your foot in the door for greater opportunities.
Key points to remember are as follows. Do the research and gather information regarding the areas that you are interested in working. Experienced positions and most entry-level positions require that you live on a rig. This will certainly factor in your decision. Look for employment in the hotspots or geographic areas that are concentrated in the energy and oil industries. International employment is an option and if you are willing to work out of the United States, gather the important information about requirements for visas and other documentation necessary for employment.
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