Prepare For Your Certified Welding Inspector Exam

If your interested in a becoming a Certified welding inspector you will need take the CWI test from the AWS or American Welding Society. Once you get certified by the AWS you will be able to inspect welds and work done by others trying to become a certified welder.

There are some documents you will to send in such as a eye exam in order to sign up for the Certified Welding Inspector certification.  The AWS will have all the suggested materials to study for the test. This can be found on the AWS official website.  This will cover everything you need for the exam or other information they will need from you to make sure you qualify for a certified welding inspector job. After you receive the documentation from the AWS you will want to fill out the included paper work in the packet. You will also need contact information and your work history from past to present from your employers.  You will need to have close to 10 years combined of education and work experience. This also includes high school to be considered for welding inspector jobs. You will need to get an eye exam from your local optometrist.  Your packet will include a visual acuity record, you will need to have this filled out by the individual checking your work at the time of the test. You will then want to send in your visual acuity record along with the rest of your filled out application to the AWS.

If you are not a member you will have to pay close to $1000 and members of the American Welding Society with only have to pay $800. You will take your packet with all everything filled out properly and send it to:

American Welding Society
Certification Department

550 NW LeJeune Road
Miami, FL 33126

To prepare for your exam you may want to pick up some reading material such as the welding inspection handbook. You can also take the optional seminar before taking your test. To sign up for the seminar you will need to do so on the first page of the information packet. You will also want to brush up on your welding technique. Its always helpful to have help from a qualified welder or certified inspector to check your work. You can never be to prepared so study as much as possible before taking your exam. With a little hard work and practice you will have that Welding Inspector job in no time.

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    I wish i could taken the W.I test for free 😛 , but before that , i need more information on what is the test look like :). Anyway this pages almost reveal the situation 😀 . I like it .