Starting A Career As A CAWI

Why CAWI Jobs Are In High Demand

Welding inspector jobs are widely available today. This is for the simple reason that the number of welders is getting smaller and smaller. Every year there are fewer and fewer people entering the trade schools, as it seems everyone is going into technology jobs.

However, welders are in just as high of demand as ever, as they are used by many different industries. Therefore, certified welding inspector jobs are actually quite abundant, more so than many other industries. Also, the pay is quite good as well, like other areas of construction.

Basically, should you either have a welding license, experience in welding, or just an interest in it, weld inspector jobs might be something to think about.  Just like it sounds, they involve inspecting the welding of equipment. It is accomplished using specialized technology like X-rays.

Your duties will be to look over the welding on various items, and make sure they are done right. If not, obviously there can be a safety risk to whoever uses it. In most instances you will focus on one specific kind of welding, as most welders tend to be quite specialized.

There are many different kinds of industries that require welders to look over their products before taking them to market. In particular, the car sector is one of the biggest employers of welders. This is because a lot of the welding on vehicles is done via machines, and therefore it is important for a human to look at them and ensure that it is done right before they are sold. Otherwise, the car might not be safe to drive.

The bottom line is, if you are mechanically inclined, then you might want to consider welding inspector jobs. It will take time and effort to get hired for CAWI jobs, but the rewards will be worth it, financially and otherwise. Just make sure you get certified, because companies will not hire you without that certification.

Starting Your New CAWI Career

Working in any of the numerous welding inspector jobs available is certainly a step up from the typical welding job you may be working in now. While welders do a lot of hard work and are usually paid very well for the work they do, welding inspectors have a tendency to be paid more and work better hours so they are home with their families every night. While this type of job is not for everyone, an inspector can go home to his family knowing he is keeping people safe and correcting any errors that may have been made on the job by other welders.


Some things to keep in mind when looking for a new CAWI inspector job

such as this includes where the job is located in comparison to where you are located, how much it pays and what types of experience you have as a welder. Some inspector jobs pay based on that experience, so those who apply and have little or no experience, but know the safety regulations will be paid much less than those who have done the job or welded before.

Typically, the Certified Associate Welding Inspector, or CAWI, will require about four years of training hands on with welding in addition to studying the welding handbook. The person hooping to become an inspector and apply for a CWI jobs will typically attend a trade school to complete the educational requirements, although in some states, all that is needed is for the applicant to show proof of experience, form a hands on job for example.

After all training is completed, the applicant can then move onto the next step. Becoming a welding inspector requires that a person be certified by the American Welding Society by taking the CWI test. Again, the requirements to take the test vary according to the state the test is taken in. After passing the test, the person can start to inspect the welds of others to ensure it for safety and soundness. Sometimes, this types of job requires that the inspector work in difficult areas. For example, one day, the inspector may work in a high-rise structure but on other days, he may be working underground, inspecting he work of welders putting together a train track field.

After becoming an inspector

certified by the AWS, that person will need to re-certify every nine years. This is because technology and methods are constantly changing and that means the inspector will need to prove he has learned the new methods and new technologies. Additionally, new laws and regulations concerning welding may have been passed by the state in which the inspector resides, so he will need to know these as well.  Welding Inspector jobs are available all over the country. If a person thinks he would like to work in the field, then getting a welding education and certification is the first step. Once the certification is obtained, the welding inspector job should be easy and keeping people safe and making good money while doing it is what some people love to do best.

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