The High Potential For Pipeline Inspection Jobs

The most recent statistics show that more than 200,000 miles of pipes are found in the U.S. Pipeline jobs can be very dangerous like any other job and finding a job in the industry should seem like a difficult task. In reality, it is not that hard to find a job because the potential for growth in the pipeline industry is very high. Additionally, the potential for high income has prompted many people to pursue this job.

Finding The Right Pipeline job For you

For people who want a job in this field, the first step they take is to find pipelines in their area and to consider working locally or in another state. Many of the pipelines move down to the south Texas area. The next step is to find the kind of pipeline job they want since there are pipeline inspection jobs in addition to construction and welding jobs.
pipeline inspection jobs

Pipeline Inspector Jobs

Pipeline inspector jobs involve looking over the quality and materials of a constructed pipeline to see if it conforms to certain specifications. These people answer to a supervisor and must review lines to check for conformance according to a contract agreement. In addition, these workers may check the depth and design of trenches with tape measure. They also check the bottom of trenches to see if there are any rocks or other hard items that might erode pipe coatings. Internal welding problems are checked by looking at the welded joints with the use of surface and x-ray films. Inspectors check the outside parts of pipe and pipe joints for compliance and check for proper coating. They also review and carry out electrical tests for improperly coated pipes.

Pipeline Construction jobs

Obviously, pipeline construction jobs involve more handiwork. Companies are making new pipelines that will move natural gas so they have to last for many years. As a result, there is a strong potential for pipeline construction jobs. The process of constructing pipelines requires engineering skills and the teamwork of many people. Becoming an equipment operator is one of the most standard pipeline construction jobs. As an operator, you may have to work an excavator or become one of those people who use bulldozers or tractors. The jobs pay well and only require that you obtain some experience.

 Pipeline Welding Jobs

if you have knowledge and experience in welding, you can sign up for one of the pipeline welding jobs throughout the country. If you have beginner-level skills, working very hard will be necessary to land one of these jobs. The efforts are worth it because the job also pays very well. You might have to request help from a professional who can teach you various skills and techniques so you can gain more experience. After learning all that you can know, you can try to obtain a certification. This certificate will help you land one of the very high-paying pipeline jobs. Even so, many contractors would prefer to test the applicants out themselves before allowing them to apply for pipeline jobs.

Oil Field Pipe line Jobs

Some of the most well-recognized and best paying jobs in the pipeline industry are oil pipeline jobs that are available all over the world. The demand for riggers and pipeline oil workers will increase exponentially in the future. Many people earn very impressive incomes working in the oilfield, which can vary from $45,000 to $100,000 a year. Just like oil will always be in heavy demand, so will oil pipeline jobs. Where you are located in the world and your experience will influence your salary. The position you have earned in the industry will also influence how much you get paid.
The pipeline industry has a range of interesting and high-paying careers for individuals with openings around the world that will only increase in the years to come. This is proven by the fact that new pipelines are being constructed in the U.S. every year. Pipelines are very expensive to build which is why workers will enjoy a very high salary. Working in the pipeline industry will promise years of prosperity for the people who join.
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