Things You Must Know Before Choosing Traveling Welding Jobs

Though US welding jobs are high paying jobs, underwater welders, welding instructors, welding inspectors and other welders can make good money overseas. Among those who do underwater welding and traveling welding jobs, those with their own rig and those who pass welding tests can make even more money. Skilled welders can make anywhere from $80 to $100 per hour.

Welding Jobs

Though the job seems to be very attractive in terms of remuneration, it is not that easy for the common person to run a rig. A lot of responsibility, risk and tension are associated with a rig management. So many welders prefer to work under someone to make money without having to deal with so much stress.

For many, welding jobs make dreams come true. Welding technology has always been in demand. It is neither shaken by the economic depressions nor the recession. This job offers traveling opportunities, advancement in career and good money for skilled professionals.

Highest paying welding jobs

Certified Union boilermaker welders, welders working in aerospace and aviation, Certified Union pipe welders and UAW Union Journeyman Tool and Die welders make good money in their professions. Their wages include an hourly salary and perks. Depending upon the nature of the job, location and the demand of the job the salary varies.

How much welding jobs pay all depends on demand, location and the strength of the union contracts; Right to Work states tend to pay less. One thing is for sure though, qualified welders are required to travel a lot, work in rough conditions and face rough people on the job.

Welding Jobs that Travel

There are a few basics that every welder should be aware of before choosing welding jobs that travel.

• You must be ready and qualified to take up any kind of welding test or assessment required to judge your qualification as per the client’s requirements.
• The time stipulated to relocate can vary from a few days to as little as 24 hours depending on the requirements of the client.
• Traveling welders must be aware of the urgency of their jobs and must be ever ready to travel to any location without hesitation. They must have their cars and passports ready and bags packed if they apply for a traveling welding job.
• When it comes to relocation, welders should be able to manage the cost of their accommodations and food expenditures for a couple of weeks unless the client himself arranges for it.

Most of the staffing agencies and placement services look to only the best professionals who can be placed abroad. So make sure you belong to that top category by meeting all of the qualifications and tests required to be cleared before applying for the job. A few common tests which every welder must clear are the 2, 3 and 4G plate test, the 6G X-ray test and mathematics tests. Drug testing, federal background checks and alcohol tests are mandatory for a few countries while a few exempt them.

General Requirements for Traveling Welding Jobs

1. Once you decide to take on welding as a career, make sure you pass the tests required to work abroad and obtain the relevant welding certification or degree. In addition, a few years of experience makes a lot of different on your profile. Even short-term training and certification can make a lot of difference in the number of job offers you get.

2. Learn to read blue prints this is an essential requirement expected of every welder. Blue print reading further increases your chances of getting better paying welding jobs abroad.

3. Stick and TIG welding are the two of the most important basics when it comes to welding jobs. Learn and master them if possible to increase your chances of being selected for an overseas job.

4. Traveling is a main requirement of every welding job. There might be requirements that arise in different parts of the country or in other countries across the globe. You must be willing to travel at any the given time and work at different sites. Those interested in traveling have more chances of landing a high paying welding job.

5. Develop an extreme perfection and standard for your skills. Welding jobs require perfection and high quality standards to be maintained onsite.

6. Avoid drugs and alcohol during and prior to the times you are working and when you are on call. A few countries require you to pass a drug test and an alcohol test to qualify for welding job. Welding jobs require concentration and precision; attributes that those who are drunk or drugged do not posses.

With all of the essential points mentioned above in mind, you have to approach a good staffing agency that can offer you different choices of welding jobs based on your skills and experience. This is one of the best ways to make your dreams come true.

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