Getting Started With Welding And Welding Certification Programs

Welding can be a profitable and even enjoyable career. It is a hands on job where one can see quantifiable results from the work that has been done. Furthermore, obtaining welding certification is quite simple. There are numerous welding certification programs available, so a person should have no trouble enrolling in a welding course no matter where he or she lives. It is also possible to take welding certification classes online.

Welding Study Programs – What are the Options?

In order to obtain training as a welder, one can take classes at a community or career college. Such a course usually lasts eight to twelve weeks. The cost of the course depends on which institute one chooses to study with, but overall basic welding training is not expensive. Community and career colleges combine their welding study programs with practical, hands on experience programs that give a future welder valuable experience in putting his or her skills into practice.Welding Schools Training
Taking a postgraduate welding course is also an option, for those who are interested in furthering their studies in this field. Such a course will take about a year if a person studies full time; however, it is also possible to take such a course on a part time basis and stretch out the study period for over four years. A post graduate degree will help one to get a job faster than he or she would have otherwise, especially if the person in question is interested in working with a multinational company. However, the vast majority of companies and enterprises that hire welders are not interested in whether or not a person has a postgraduate degree.

Welding Schools – How to Choose the Right One

Choosing an educational institution to study with takes time and research. One should never choose a school simply because it is the one nearest his or her house, or because it is the cheapest option. It is important to look over the course carefully before enrollment. Make sure the course program offered provides well rounded, hands on training, not just book learning. It is also important to make sure the college is approved by the American Welding Society and accredited on a national level.

Is Studying Online a Good Option?

Studying online can be a good option for a person who cannot attend a traditional college or university. Studying online is also usually cheaper than studying on campus. WeldAcademy is backed by the American Welding Society and offers an online welding course at an affordable price. However, a person who is studying online will often miss out on the hands on experience offered by a local college. An online student should supplement his or her training by working as an apprentice with a trained welder.

The American Welding Society and the Certified Welder Program

The American Welding Society has created the Certified Welder testing program to ensure that all professional welders have a certain level of expertise. One will be required to demonstrate his or her skills as well as fill out a written exam. In order to take part in the Certified Welder testing program, one should visit the American Welding Society website for application forms and a list of testing facilities.
In Summary
A person who wants to study welding will find that there are many welding schools and welding certification programs to choose from. One will want to make sure the college offering the program is accredited and affiliated with the AWS. It is also important to get as much hands on training as possible. Once a person has finished the study course and obtained certification, finding good employment as a welder should not be difficult.
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