Welding Inspector Jobs Salary: What You Can Expect To Make

If your a welder and your looking for that next step to increase your pay, training for a welding inspector job is a great option. To become a certified welding inspector its important to have on job training  in the welding field along with a good knowledge of the AWS codes. Its also important to have good communication skills, math skills and problem solving skills. Also important is the ability to read blue prints and have a understanding of all welding techniques.

Your welding experience, location, type of employment and industry your in will determine your income at your welding inspector job.

Salary based on Experience

Certified welding inspectors yearly income can vary greatly on the amount of on job experience you have. Welding inspector jobs salary on average will pay from 45,000 to 65,000 a year with 1-4 years of experience.  On the other hand with 20+ years under your belt and good welding inspector can make 100,000 in yearly income.

Salary Based by Location

Your location and city of employment can determine your pay rate. Each city will have different rates of inflation, this can greatly affect the average pay rate. One city may pay from $21-$37 and hour and another could only pay $18-$22 and hour. You will want to check your location to find out what the average pay rate is for your city.

Salary by type of employment

Depending on is you are a sub contractor or work for a private firm will affect your salary as a certified welding inspector. A self employed contractor can have the highest salary with some bringing in $50 and hour. Working hourly for a company your pay rate can largely be determined by the size of the company you work for. This can range from $40,000 – $100,000 a year depending on the number of employees.

Salary from your Industry

Depending on the industry your welding inspector job is in will also affect your income. Steel and manufacturing industries can have higher pay rates than those of other fabrication industries.

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